TID SYSTEMS provides home automatization, video surveillance systems, and information technology solutions. Our mission is to make application security and smart home technology accessible for all. We empower businesses, individuals, and organizations to make informed decisions about application security risks, giving them resources and tools to be successful.

Our services include full IT upgrades, migrations and support along with features such as - planning, designing, implementation and maintenance of your IT infrastructure to support automated needs, monitoring, changing network configuration, configuring firewalls, routers, servers, load balancers and software or hardware support andupgrades.

TID Systems technicians easily adapt to communicate with technical and non-technical audience.

PROTECT – We’ll help you create tools and document to help guard against security related design and implementation flaws

DETECT – We’ll help you find security related design and implementation flaws

LIFE CYCLE – We’ll implement security-related solutions to protect your network and educate you to make informed decisions about your company’s technology future